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Steam Train 6 Volt with 4 Straight and 4 x Curved Track Pack (Special Pack)

Steam Train 6 Volt with 4 Straight and 4 x Curved Track Pack (Special Pack)

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Turn your playroom or kid’s bedroom into a train station with this unique and realistic 6 volt sit on steam train. Toddlers who love trains will have hours of fun playing engineer with this battery-powered, ride-on train set.

The train is designed to look like a train from the wild west and even releases real cold-water steam from its funnel as it drives around its included 7.3m oval track (It comes with 4 straight and 4 curved track pieces). The train has a working headlight and a forward and reverse switch on the grab handles and also has buttons for realistic train noises. It also comes with a large train carriage that couples to the back of the engine – so your child can take their toys on their journeys with them.

Includes 8 bonus pieces of train track (4 straight and 4 curved pieces), so you can extend the track.

  • Dimensions of train: 66 x 36 x 43.5 cm.
  • Maximum rider weight: 20 kg.
  • Suits ages 10 months to 4 years.


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