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Smoby Garden Kitchen BBQ Set - 3 Years +

Smoby Garden Kitchen BBQ Set - 3 Years +

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The Garden Kitchen From Smoby

Introducing the Garden Kitchen from Smoby, an all-new versatile playset for kids who love to cook! The Garden Kitchen is a charming cooking station complete with grill, sink area with water pump and spacious countertop perfect for slicing, dicing, and preparing food. They will love copying mum and dad in their own grilling station and put their skills to the test with mini utensils, food, and crockery.

Cook Up Hours Of Fun

Watch them cook up a storm with the Garden Kitchen. Containing over 43 accessories, your little one can create their own stories and embark on exciting adventures all day long. Whether they want to grill some burgers, assemble kebab skewers, or grow some herbs, the possibilities are endless. Encourage more outdoor fun; the Smoby garden grill set is treated with an anti-UV coating to ensure long-lasting quality and colour-resistance over time, even in sunlight.

Enriching Roleplay Grill Set

For young children, creative roleplay is essential in developing their confidence, creativity, and practical skills. With the Garden Grill Kitchen, your child can grow their self-esteem, imagination and hand-eye coordination through play and take pride in their role as a chef. Our grilling station provides an immersive experience with various mechanical functions, mimicking real-life cooking for a special playtime accessory.

Sturdy Child-Friendly Design

A must-have for little chefs everywhere. Suitable for children over 3 years of age, the Garden Kitchen grows with your child thanks to its adjustable legs - simply increase the countertop height by 6cm and extend the fun for the whole family. The Garden Kitchen is made with sturdy, child-safe materials and includes wheels for easy transportation.


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Key Information

• 1 x Garden Kitchen from Smoby
• Versatile playset featuring grill with retractable flames, fryer, sink area with water pump function and spacious countertop
• Easy to transport with moveable wheels and handle
• Anti-UV treated to prolong colour
• Includes 43 accessories; 1 x French fry basket, 3 x French fry packets, 2 x sauces, 1 x salt and pepper shakers, 2 x sausages, 1 x skewer to be assembled, 1 x hamburger to be assembled, 2 x salads, 2 x plates, 2 x forks, 2 x knives, 2 x spoons, 2 x glasses, 3 x BBQ utensils, 1 x chopping board, 1 x BBQ tongs, 1 x firelighter, 3 x flower/ herb pots
• For children over the age of 3
• Made in France

The Brand

As France's best known toy manufacturer, Smoby Toys knows just what makes children happy – and keeps parents satisfied: innovative toys that help youngsters to discover and develop their own skills, that are bright and cheerful and full of ideas.

We love children, so we want to protect them. That's why age-appropriate, safe toys are so important to us. Smoby Toys is an expert in safety-tested toys at the cutting edge of educational research from the baby stage through to primary school age. But the most important thing of all: with Smoby products, playing is simply great fun!

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