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Razor Powercore E90 Lightshow Scooter

Razor Powercore E90 Lightshow Scooter

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The Razor Powercore E90 Lightshow Scooter. Colorful LED light show - Multi-color LED lights integrated along both sides of the deck and head tube light up when the product is turned on. - Easy to Drive - Thumb-activated throttle and foot-activated rear fender brake provide ample speed and braking power. - Fun, long-lasting adventure - Rechargeable 12V battery provides up to 40 minutes of uninterrupted ride time on a single charge. - Rugged and stylish - New all-steel frame design with urethane spoked front wheel and airless, flat-free rear tire for a solid ride.

Powered by Power Core technology from Razor, the Power Core E90 Lightshow electric scooter reaches impressive speeds of up to 10 miles per hour. With a thumb-activated throttle, rear fender brake and the new all-steel frame with multi-color LED lights, it's the most solid ride for kids to increase their empreinte fun. Equipped with a 12V rechargeable battery that provides up to 40 minutes of continuous range for riders 8 years and older and up to 54 kg, this stylish electric scooter is a safe, solid and fun ride!

Specifications - Technology and design Razor Power Core: maintenance free (no alignment, no chain, no belt) - Speed: 16 km/h - Range: up to 40 minutes of continuous use - Motor: 90 watts, start-stop, high torque, rear wheel hub drive - Throttle: thumb activated - Brake: rear fender - Frame/fork: steel - Head tube: animated multi-color LED lights, steel - Handles: foam - Bridge: Animated multi-color LED lights, non-slip - Front wheel: spoked, urethane - Rear tire: abrasion resistant, airless, puncture proof - Kickstand: retractable - Battery: 12V sealed lead acid,


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The Razor name has been synonymous with thrilling kids of all ages in the U.K. since 2003. Whether your favourite birthday gift of a RipRider 360 gave you that first jolt of freedom, or you cruise in the sunshine through your local park on your A5, with Razor U.K. there are no limits. We create all kinds of awesome wheeled products for smooth and not-so-smooth terrains to be enjoyed by the whole family, and we know we have the perfect, electrifying ride for you. Where will your Razor take you?

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Razor products have always been at the forefront of childrens toys, and they certainly havn't stopped creating a great range of childrens toys!

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