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Razor Adult C35 Scooter 37 Volt Lithium

Razor Adult C35 Scooter 37 Volt Lithium

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Look forward to exploring the world with the Razor C35 electric scooter. It’s ready for your daily commute, a quick errand, or a spontaneous zip around town (local laws apply). With its folding steel T-Tube with a quick release latch, This C35 features a SuperCushion 12.5" front pneumatic tyre and an 8.5" rear pneumatic tyre. The larger front tyre provides stability over harsh or uneven surfaces and the smaller rear tyre allows for a lower deck height which increases your level of comfort.

With three speed modes (Sport, Pedestrian and Cruising), this electric scooter reaches an impressive top speed of up to 15.5 mph under Sport Mode (3.7 mph under Pedestrian Mode and 9.3 mph under Cruising Mode), and the 37V rechargeable lithium-ion battery back will get you up to 15.5 miles on a single charge. The battery pack powers a 350-watt brushless hub-driver motor in the rear wheel – so when you press the throttle, you’ll feel the speed and power you’re looking. It features a bright LED headlight, a brake-activated taillight, reflective decals for better visibility and conspicuity, and an improved red LED display that reads better in sunlight to keep track of speed and battery life and dual braking system (a regenerative electric brake mounted on the handlebar and a rear fender brake) provides efficient and responsive braking effects.

The Cruise Control feature keeps your electric scooter running at a set speed so that you can ride without having to constantly press on the thumb throttle and a super-wide 58.5 x 16 cm deck adorned with full-length anti-slip rubber grip tape and also has a steel kickstand.

Key Information

Suits ages 18 year +.
Dimensions 114.3 x 44.2 x 112.3 cm,
Weight 14.75.
Maximum rider weight: 100 kg.


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The Razor name has been synonymous with thrilling kids of all ages in the U.K. since 2003. Whether your favourite birthday gift of a RipRider 360 gave you that first jolt of freedom, or you cruise in the sunshine through your local park on your A5, with Razor U.K. there are no limits. We create all kinds of awesome wheeled products for smooth and not-so-smooth terrains to be enjoyed by the whole family, and we know we have the perfect, electrifying ride for you. Where will your Razor take you?

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Razor products have always been at the forefront of childrens toys, and they certainly havn't stopped creating a great range of childrens toys!

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