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Magformers Stick-O Creator 60 Piece Set

Magformers Stick-O Creator 60 Piece Set

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New for winter 2021, this bumper magnetic building blocks toy is the largest and most creative Stick-O set we’ve ever made. With 60 pieces - including two new rattling shapes perfect for younger children to enjoy sensory play - and two instructional booklets, this amazing set keeps children occupied for hours.

This jam-packed set features the hand-selected favourite pieces from the Stick-O Forest Friends, Cooking, City, Construction and Fishing sets and adds lots more basic magnetic rods and balls.

The result is a super-creative set which includes 12 short Stick-O rods, 3 long rods, 4 curved rods, 8 balls, 2 smiley balls, 4 different wheels, cabins, aircraft wings, a winch, crackable eggshell, frying pan, animal feet, rattling ball, rattling D, car slide/ramp and a host of other special pieces.

It encourages and enables children from as young as 18 months to build large-scale 3D models and create multiple roleplay worlds with cars and planes, animals, playground rides, theme park slides and food.

Two new guidebookshelp children to develop 2D & 3D brain activities and provide easy-to-follow assistance if needed.

Stick-O pieces feature the supersafe Rotating Magnets System (RMS) pioneered by Magformers, where small but powerful neodymium disc magnets are safely sealed inside the main pieces. Because these magnets rotate internally, they always connect when two pieces are brought together, making construction play frustration-free for little hands.

  • Tested and certified for 18months + children.
  • Build exciting theme park slides.
  • Make incredible vehicle ramps and watch your cars ride down.
  • Enjoy audio stimulation play with the new rattling ball and D-shaker pieces, ideal for younger children to join in the fun.
  • Create cars and planes with wheels and other moving parts.
  • 60 pieces& 2 Stick-O Building Booklets.


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The Brand

Toddlers and preschoolers love building things with our classic Magformers geometric shapes as much as any bigger kids. But when we showed them a magnetic ball with a face and ears... that’s when the fun really started! And that’s when Stick-O was born.

Just like Magformers, Stick-O has a brilliant design feature - rotating magnets. Yes, the strong little magnets safely sealed in every piece spin around, so they ALWAYS connect. And that makes model building super-easy.

With Stick-O, there really is wonder and joy to be discovered from a toy that will last a lifetime in your family.

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