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Green Velvet Round Foam Ball Pit - Select Your Own Balls

Green Velvet Round Foam Ball Pit - Select Your Own Balls

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Colour: Blue White & Silver

Select your own colour balls to complete this gorgeous boucle ball pit set! 200 Balls will be included!

A luxury ball pit is a true must-have in every child's room or playroom and this one from MeowBaby is one of the best!

Guaranteed to be great fun for children these ball pits also help develop motor skills, grip and hand-eye coordination   The colourful balls have also been proven to aid in the development of sensory skills and the size and round shape of the balls means they are perfectly suited to children's hands.

Made from soft anti-allergic foam, this ball pit is highly durable and has excellent shape retention properties and the plush velvet cover is super soft, fluffy and machine washable (30°C), meaning it will last for years.

The MeowBaby ball pit is available in a variety of colours to suit any home and also makes a gorgeous gift.

Key Information

  • Dimensions: 90cm
  • Stable sides and the bottom performed from antiallergic polyurethane foam possessing OEKO-TEX Standard 10 certificate
  • height of the ball pit: 30 cm
  • thickness of the wall: 5cm
  • thickness of the bottom: 2cm


  • fastened with zip fastener
  • may be washed in washing machine in 30°C
  • pleasant to touch velvet fabric (Oeko-Tex certified)
  • 77% cotton, 23% polyester


  • safe - CE certified
  • available diameter of balls: 7 cm,
  • shiny, flexible, non-toxic, not cracking, odorless


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The Brand

MeowBaby is a polish manufacturer of children's soft play and play items. Their company specializes in the manufacture and sale of high quality foam ball pool filled with soft balls along with a great selection of high quality larger wooden play equipment.

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