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Rolly Toys Caterpillar Mobile 360 Degree Excavator

Rolly Toys Caterpillar Mobile 360 Degree Excavator

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This giant "sit on" Caterpillar licensed excavator features 4 large wheels and has a 360 degrees turning circle with a digger mechanism using two hand operated levers allowing material to be scooped up and deposited elsewhere - just like a real CAT excavator. It has a locking arm device and can be used on earth and sand - making it perfect for the park sandpit or the beach and can be transported very easily. Suits ages 3 - 5 years. Dimensions of item 102 x 43 x 74 cm.


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The Brand

Rolly Toys is the brand for pedal tractors. Rolly Toys is known for its high quality and strong translation of the original model into a toy pedal tractor. The pedal tractors of Rolly Toys last for years thanks to their high quality. Founded in Germany in 1938, Rolly Toys is a leading ride on toy brand.

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A Toy with endless fun!

These ride on tractors will provide hours and hours of fun. They promote pedaling, outdoor plan, exploring and immaginative learning. They are a truly fantastic toy!

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