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Berg Grand Favorit Regular Trampoline

Berg Grand Favorit Regular Trampoline

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Colour: Grey
Size: 520cm

The Berg Grand Favorit Regular Trampoline is the favourite of families with young children. This superb Oval trampoline introduces you to that wonderful feeling of jumping, as if you could fly with the world at your feet. Who can get the highest? Who does the weirdest stunts? Whether you're young or an adult, the Favorit offers you years of safe jumping fun. 

You want a trampoline that lasts for years. The canvas carries young and old. Extremely strong for lots of jumping fun.


Of course you want to go as high as possible. SoloSpring makes jumping extra easy. Like it’s no effort at all.

Thick protective padding

Safety first. If you land outside the cloth once, the protective padding will catch you. Nice and thick and also UV-resistant.

Coated frame

Great jumping starts with a solid base. The super-strong frame is made of coated steel and effortlessly absorbs all forces.

Safety Net Comfort

The Safety Net Comfort lets you jump carefree. You can't fall off the trampoline and others can't just get on.


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The Brand


We let you jump, drive and fly outdoors. We seek the limits of our happiness. Sometimes just clearing your head completely. Being active in the fresh air. Relaxing through exercise. Having fun together or alone.

With a BERG, you'll push your limits. You can do so much more than you think. You want to go faster, higher, better, more fun. Your BERG is always there for you. If you feel good or need to get something out of your system.

You feel confident even when the road is bumpy. You feel at home when you step outside. Your BERG grows with you and never lets you down. Over a whole lifetime.

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