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7 Outdoor Toys That Guarantee a Fun-Filled Summer Holiday for Kids

Kids are always full of energy, all they want to do all day is jump, giggle, run, and play. And everyone would rather their child was bouncing on toys and playing an outdoor game than sulking on smartphones indoors. Outdoor garden toys can help your kids to understand and develop their physical potential and support their abilities to learn and explore.

We all grew up playing hide and seek in the neighbourhood, runnning around and riding bikes and scooters with friends, and grew up with fun physical outdoor games. But unfortunately, these days kids don’t have as much opportunity for that. That doesn't mean we should keep them indoors or leave them glued to the screens. Kids still want to enjoy real world fun and adventure and that’s where children's outdoor toys can make all the difference.

In this post, we have put together a must-have list of our favourite outdoor toys for kids and the best part is they are suitable for kids of all ages. We hope you find the perfect outdoor toy to keep your kid playing this summer till the sun sets. Let's get started:

1. Playhouses

Playhouses are the best ways to help your kids fall in love with your backyard or garden. Not only do they give children a space of their own but they also help them to role play creatively and using their imagination keeping them engaged for hours and adding adventure to their games. We have chosen some playhouses as outdoor toys for kids in all prices, sizes, and kid's age criteria.

woman and children playing with kidkraft modern outdoor playhouse

These wooden kids' outdoor toys have three different types - Jasper, Matilda, and Tinkerbell. Jasper's playhouse has stilts with a Veranda, slide, and ladder. Matilda comes with Veranda and an extended roof. Tinkerbell has a customization option. You can choose the window's sides and colors from 10 different shades.

This top quality playhouse has a 5-year warranty on wood with a mailbox, fabric curtains, and Water-resistant roof panels. It's the best outdoor toy for kids.

It's a vacation-style cabin that offers a get-away feel to your outdoors.

This brightly coloured playhouse comes with an attached kitchen for even more fun. If you don't need an attached kitchen, you can opt for Smoby Neo Friends House. Smoby Garden House is also a brilliant choice for 2+ year-olds.

Smoby playhouses come in a range of sizes and age suitabilities, this one is great for 3+-year-olds to play with their siblings and friends. It also comes with stilts and sliding shutters.

Have you spotted your kid playing as a chef or spending more time in the kitchen? Well, maybe they’re a future chef in making. Buy a chef house for them and encourage their hidden talents.

2. Trampolines

Trampolines are the best way to ensure your child laughs, smiles and shouts with pure joy! These are the best outdoor toys because not only are they some of most enjoyable but they also help to develop coordination, balance, and motor skills as well as building confidence and physical strength.  They are also a great way for kids to burn of some of their energy in a safe and fun way.

girl bouncing on telstar trampoline in garden

Playing on trampolines can boost your kid's confidence and engage them in cognitive function. Studies have also shown that bouncing on a trapline may detoxify the body and strengthen your kid's immune system. So, what are you waiting for? Get a trampoline for your children and enjoy seeing them happy.

3. Outdoor Climbing Frames

Outdoor climbing frames and hideaways help to keep kids active and healthy. They help to build and develop their physical strength and develop flexibility and endurance. Feed your child’s sporting instincts with these outdoor garden toys.

KidKraft A-Frame Hideaway & Climber with curtains closed

Climbing is a physical but rewarding sport and you have that at home with fun climbing frames and hideaways. The younger children can start understanding their bodies and functions and fine-tune their decision-making skills. They also help to promote quicker decision-making and builds self-esteem.

Here are our hand-picked options for you:

Your kid can invent new games, hide, climb, and play with this outdoor toy.

The shark-shaped climbing frame can boost your kid's imagination and let them enjoy the adventure. Just don’t get bitten!

4. Sandpits

Kids love to learn and find things out for themselves and that doesn’t always have to be in their classroom.  We can help kids with their learning by providing them with outdoor toys for toddlers. Sandpits are a great toy because they help kids understand their bodies, coordination, and motor skills.

kidkraft pirate sandpit playset with children sitting in it

Playing in sandpits is something all kids love to do. Scooping, pouring, building or digging are all fun but also teach children lots as well.

We recommend the following sandboxes to boost your kid's curiosity

This sandbox consists of a cabana-style sandpit, canopy and wood base to support your kid's activities. You can make your garden look like a beach or an oasis with this sandpit. Add a chaise with an umbrella or double chaise lounge to make your child feel like they are relaxing on their own private tropical island.

Do you want to upscale the fun game for your kids? Buying a pirate sandpit is a surefire way to have more fun while playing. The sandbox has a spinning steering wheel, hidden storage to play treasure hunts, and a pirate flag. It's a perfect gift for your adventure-seeking kids.

5. Tractors, Trucks, Loaders & Diggers

Tractors, Loaders & Diggers can add a whole lot more adventure to your kid's daily activities. Why should the adults have all the fun of driving? Let your child learn to be free and have fun outdoors with these toy vehicles.

boy sitting in sandpit with dumper truck

Here are the top 5 models you can choose from:

This one is suitable for kids of 2+ years. It has an easy to operate tipping bed, washable tyres, and an ergonomic design.

This mega digger vehicle comes with a front shovel, a mechanical digger at the rear, and a detachable trailer.

These loaders are suitable for kids more than three years old. The easy-operating arm, digger, and motor can help your kid learn about directions, and movements and boost their imagination powers.

A digger is one of the most popular outdoor toys for the kid. The digger rotates 360 degrees and comes with a comfortable seat.

If your kid is not a fan of digging or building houses, we have an option of adventure cars for them. All the other vehicles are for more than 2 to 3 years old, but even your 18 months toddler can drive this car.

6.Swings and Slides

Swing sets are great ways to bring adventure and fun to the home. You don't need to travel to the park and keep watch over your kids all the time. With slide and swing set in your own garden, your children can experience the joy on their own.

7. Aqua Playsets

What’s the best way to stay cool on a hot summer day?  Playing with water of course!  What makes aqua play the best outdoor toy is its ability to keep kids cool whilst building memories. Your child will never forget the summer they played with water in your backyard.

children playing with aquaplay lock water playset

The big mountain with an attached lake can drive your kid's curiosity, let their imaginations run free, and help create childhood memories.

This giant waterplay park comes with two figures and two add-on boats. It's everything your kid needs this summer.

The mega-bridge can help your kids learn how water flows, how to stop it, and how to change its way.

You can travel with this portable aqua play and place it near the beach or your favorite gateway.

What's Next?

Are you excited to bring home these outdoor toys for toddlers and make sure your kids have the best summer ever? If yes, head to The Online Toy Shop and surprise your kids with the best outdoor toys in the UK. Shop now!

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