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Smoby Big Power Worker Maxi Truck 2 Years +

Smoby Big Power Worker Maxi Truck 2 Years +

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These new construction vehicles from BIG, the home of the well-known BIG Bobby Car, are extremely big and robust. Little construction workers from three years and above will love the BIG Maxi Truck.

A variety of different materials such as sand or building stone can be loaded and transported using the BIG Maxi Truck. The expansive loading area of this robust truck holds up to 4.2 litres and can be loaded with material weighing up to 25 kg. A locking mechanism prevents the bed from tilting backwards while on the move and losing any of the valuable load.

Once the vehicle has arrived at the play construction site, the load can be unloaded by tilting the bed. Its true-to-the-original design makes this super-strong construction vehicle an eye-catcher on little construction sites. It is specially tailored to the ergonomics of the small hands of a child. The hard-wearing soft tyres are a special extra that are kind to floor coverings.


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Key Information

• Easy to operate tipping bed
• Ergonomically designed
• Washable tyres
• Suitable for indoor or outdoor use
• Encourages fine motor skills
• Robust design
• Holds 4.2 litres
• Maximum load weight: 25kg

The Brand

As France's best known toy manufacturer, Smoby Toys knows just what makes children happy – and keeps parents satisfied: innovative toys that help youngsters to discover and develop their own skills, that are bright and cheerful and full of ideas.

We love children, so we want to protect them. That's why age-appropriate, safe toys are so important to us. Smoby Toys is an expert in safety-tested toys at the cutting edge of educational research from the baby stage through to primary school age. But the most important thing of all: with Smoby products, playing is simply great fun!

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Construction Toys for In and Outdoors

An oversized Maxi Truck is a great toy for any little one, the possibilities are endless! Perfect for both in and outdoor play

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