Why Choose Micro Scooter?

Why Choose Micro Scooter?

Micro Scooters - making everyday journeys better for people and our planet.

Here at the Online Toy Store, we have a fantastic range of scooters and accessories for you to choose from. One of the brands we sell, Micro Scooters, turns the big two-oh this year, so what better time to reacquaint ourselves with exactly why Micro is the number one scooter brand in the market right now?

The scooting superstars at Micro Scooters are self-confessed school-run revolutionaries. Over the past twenty years, they have worked tirelessly to champion a more environmentally friendly way to travel short distances, and they have shouted from the rooftops about the benefits of scooting the school run. It is quicker than walking, easier to negotiate as a family than cycling (especially with small children), and more environmentally friendly than driving. Millions of schoolchildren now scoot to school daily, reducing the congestion and pollution at school gates across the country.


5 Reasons Why the Online Toy Store Loves Micro Scooters:

They are Planet Friendly

Scooting is an inherently sustainable form of transport. However, Micro's designers are not resting on their laurels; they constantly challenge themselves to make micro scooters even better by sourcing more sustainable materials.

From their earliest conception, Micro Scooters have been designed using a suite of replaceable parts so that scooters that have seen better days can be given some TLC and passed on to the next generation instead of adding to a mountain of landfill.

They are Quality Obsessed

Micro’s range of Swiss-designed and engineered scooters is renowned for durability. Expertly crafted to be long-lasting and robust, every Micro scooter undergoes a gauntlet of tests to ensure it can withstand the pressure a child or adult can throw at it.

They are B Corp Certified

In 2022, after a rigorous 18-month assessment period, Micro UK became B Corp certified, underlining their commitment to building a business that does good for the planet and the people on it. Micro hold themselves accountable not just for the quality of the scooters they create but for the nature of the impact they have on the world. They are justifiably proud to be a certified B-Corp company – joining other like-minded organisations determined to harness the power of business for their employees, their communities, and the environment.

They are Carbon-Neutral

Micro is the first scooter retailer to be carbon neutral and continues to explore every area of its business to find ways to reduce its impact on the environment. In partnership with Carbon Neutral Britain, Micro measured its carbon emissions and chose to offset them entirely, making an immediate impact and ensuring that the business and every product within it is carbon neutral. 

Fun Fact: Did you know that using your Mini Micro for just 31 consecutive days (instead of jumping in the car) will recover the carbon cost of making it?

They are female-founded with a family-first philosophy.

Founded by two mums, Micro UK knows that small changes can result in big differences and that introducing Micro (see what we did there?) habits into the daily routine can have a significant impact. As parents, we constantly worry that the family needs to eat healthily and exercise more. Micro believes scooting at least 1 mile daily should be an added component of your 5-a-day. Micro Scooters play a valuable role in supporting families to live healthy, active, guilt-free lifestyles by providing mobility solutions for kids that foster long-lasting habits that will last a lifetime.

Our favourite Micro Scooters:

Mini Micro Foldable LED Scooter: The original school-run revolutionary has three wheels for stability, battery-free light-up wheels, and is now foldable!

Maxi Micro Foldable LED Scooter: This is a 3-wheeled scooter for bigger kids. It has all the style and substance of the Mini but is bigger and more robust.

Micro Sprite Neochrome LED Scooter: The ultimate 2-wheeled scooter for 5–12-year-olds, battery-free light-up wheels, foldable and finished in an eye-catching sleek & stylish neochrome.


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