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MINICAMP U Shape Body Pillow for Sleeping With Organic Cotton Cover in Grey

MINICAMP U Shape Body Pillow for Sleeping With Organic Cotton Cover in Grey

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EXTRA NATURAL. EXTRA BREATHABLE. EXTRA COMFORTABLE. Our U shape body pillows for sleeping feature outer covers that are made of luxury GOTS certified cotton-poplin. It feels soft & comfortable and also looks natural in your bed. Our U shape comfort pillows for sleeping are large, comfortable sleeping aids that support your belly, back, knees, shoulders and more. U Shaped Maternity Pillow follows the shape of human body, which is long enough for you to stretch out.

HEAD-TO-TOE SUPPORT. Contoured for a hug-able and cuddly u-shape, this full body pillow for adults is designed to provide comfort and support from your head to toe. Whether you're expecting a baby, suffering from a neck or back pain, or craving a good-night sleep, this U shaped pillow is the perfect fit for you. Helps relaxing your body while maintaining a comfortable position for sleeping, reading, nursing, breastfeeding, or simply watching TV.

Dimensions: 63x32x8 inches (160x80x20 cm).

Weight: 9 lbs. / 4 kg

ERGONOMICAL & MULTIFUNCTIONAL - Our natural full body pillow is large and fluffy, designed to ease pain from pregnancy, sciatica, surgery recovery, fibromyalgia, ankle pain, and more. It can help improve blood circulation and offer additional stability. This generously oversized multifunctional U shape body pillow provides equal support to both sides of your body. The inner curves and contours support your entire back while aligning your hips for neutral joint positioning.

MADE WITH PREMIUM MATERIALS - The outer cover is made from ecological GOTS certified cotton. This 100% cotton-poplin is super soft, natural feeling & durable. The inner cover and filling are proven hypoallergenic & OEKO-TEX standard certified which confirms the human-ecological safety. The inner cover is made of extra durable 100% cotton. The filling is composed of polyester fiber balls that is also super soft, breathable & hypoallergenic.


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The Brand

As a small family business, we produce all our products locally with the help of local artisans and seamstresses. The entire process is carried out within 200 kilometers of our office in Vilnius, from production to finishing and packing!
Most of our products are designed for small children; therefore, our materials are as natural as possible. All our cotton fabrics are OEKO-TEX or GOTS certified, polyester filling also has OEKO-TEX certification, and wooden parts are absolutely natural and free from chemical treatment. We guarantee that 90% of our materials and fabrics are of natural origin.

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Its safe to say, the family pet will love these super soft mats and teepee's too!

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